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jaychou_awards's Journal

Jay Chou icontest
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Welcome to jaychou_awards! An icontest community centered on Jay Chou. We will have weekly themes to participate in & no matter what your icon skills are you may enter. Even if you don't enter the contests you may vote for your favorites and watch to see who wins.

1st, 2nd, 3rd, and the special category place winners will all receive banners, the 1st place icon will also be used as the community’s main icon for the week it placed in.

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[x] You must be a member to participate in the contests and voting.

[x] Your icons must follow lj standards- 100x100 pixels, and can't be larger then 40kb.

[x] Icons must be made new for the contests. Don't use an icon that’s been sitting for months on your computer.

[x] You can NOT show your icon anywhere until after voting is over!!! If you do you will be disqualified.

[x] Don't cheat! Do not vote for your own icons or strategize your vote to help you come out better. Cheaters will be banned.

[x] This should be a given but do not steal other peoples icons to enter or use.

[x] If you liked certain icons when voting wait till the winners are announced and we will post a list of the makers so then you may ask to use the icons and CREDIT them! Do not just take the icons and start using them without asking & giving credit.

[x] Always respect your fellow members.

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A new theme will be announced every Monday by the Mod. At that time you will be given rules pertaining to that theme. Your icons must be submitted by Friday.

Please use the form below when submitting your icons to the themed post.

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Voting will take place every Friday night at 11:00pm EST and last till Sunday night 11pm EST.

You will be voting for your favorite three icons plus one more for the special category. You must pick a different icon from the three you already picked for the special category.

The icons you vote for will be assigned points, 1st-3pts, 2nd-2pts, 3rd-1pt. This helps to lower the number of ties.

[x] Remember do not vote for yourself(we will be checking IP addresses) or get your friends to vote for you.

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Week One :: Anything goes
Week Two :: Amaze
Week Three :: Red
Week Four :: Tiny text

Want to suggest a theme? Go HERE to leave a comment!

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Banner Makers:
jrocker, my_transfix; We're looking for more banner makers-Please apply HERE.

Banner Rotation:
Week four-jrocker
Week five-my_transfix
Week six-jrocker

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Want to affiliate with us? Great! Please leave a comment HERE to be added to the list.

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code: sb_lj
alterations: mizugazipan
Graphics: jrocker